(321) 277-3604 Fax: (407) 644-0338 | | | | | | Great not only for increasing the vascular circulation but also to relax the whole being This is a deep tissue massage to help relieve the body of pain and dysfunction usually from previous accident or trauma. Great for those who want a perfect tan & vibrant ex foliated skin this summer. Done with fine sea salt, essential oils. Specific stones are placed on specific chakra centers and massage is done with hot stones to the extremities to relax the body, mind, and spirit. Done @ your office It is as good as a coffee break if not better! 10 to 20 minutes per per person with a minimum of 3 people please Regular -------------------------------           $80.00 $95.00 + surcharge subject to distance      $ 75.00 Please call 24 hrs prior to scheduling appointment All same day In call appointments are $90.00 /hr $135.00 Please note that currently I accept Cash / Check only.  No Credit or Debit cards Please. Minimum 3 / hr